Find out What Makes Kaihara Denim So Special

What goes into making a pair of jeans? That's exactly what we aimed to find out during a trip to Hiroshima with Uniqlo, where we got some fascinating insight into one of the country's most prolific denim producers. Founded in 1893 by Sukejiro Kaihara, the namesake factory is essentially a trip into the zeitgeist of indigo dyeing and kasuri weaving. Kaihara hasn't lost a touch with respects to denim heritage despite manufacturing for some of the biggest names in the industry by ensuring the utmost attention to detail for their products while also incorporating the latest of technologies to fit the demands of today's consumer. This fascinating merging of old and new is what allows Kaihara to keep the majority of the processes in-house. What makes this feat even more impressive is the sustainable build of the factory itself, which allows for the waste water to be filtered back into drinking water before being disposed into local water sources. Take a peek inside the factory above.